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    Who we are

    We produce FRP products for water treatment, air, food, chemical and energy industries and where they require a high level of chemical resistance. Our main products are media pressure filters, cartridge filters, pressure vessels, tanks, sedimentation tanks, oil separators, silos, gas scrubbers, bioreactors, chimneys, etc. We export all over Europe, our products are installed all over the world.


    To offer the highest possible level of products and services at competitive prices, we committed ourselves to the development and implementation of the quality management system, environmental management, and health and safety at work.


    Our goal is to deliver only high quality products and be a trust worthy manufacturer that will be recognized for quality and reliable products and for efficient solutions in the engineering phase in Europe and beyond.

    Examples of use

    • All cases
    • Pools
    • Water treatment
    • Storage
    • Municipal water
    Industrijska cesta 6e, 6310 Izola, Slovenia
    + 386 5 66 25 340
    info@technol.siWe'll respond within 24 hours

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