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    About us

    About Technol

    Technol was founded in 1989, when it worked in a small workshop in Portorož. Because of the fast growing production we moved  in 1996 to the present location in Izola.

    Today we are a company that manufactures GRP products for the water treatment, environmental and chemical industry and other applications where high level of corrosion resistance is required.

    Our main products are sand filters, pressure vessels, storage tanks, silo's, scrubbers and bioreactors, we export throughout all Europe and the Middle East.

    In addition to composite products Technol offers design of commercial pools and water treatment systems and manufactures UF compact units for water treatment.

    For severe working conditions we can combine fiberglass with thermoplastic liners as PVC, PVC-C, PP, PE and PVDF. Our range of products is up to 5m of diameter and 14m of lenght or height. Our products are manufactured with the spray up, filament winding and vacuum infusion technology.

    Key markets

    • Swimming pools
    • Water treatment
    • Environmental industry
    • Chemical industry
    • Foodstuff industry
    • Pharmaceutic industry
    • Agriculture

    Key products

    • Pressure multimedia filters for water filtering
    • Industrial pressure vessels
    • Storage tanks for agressive fluids
    • Ultrafiltration units
    • Storage tanks for foodstuff
    • Scrubbers, bioreactors, ducts
    • Dual laminate products

    Production tech.

    • Hand lay up
    • Spray up
    • Filament winding
    • RTM
    • Vacuum infusion
    • Dual laminate (thermoplasts + fiberglass)

    Technol – who we are and what we do

    Our technology is

    • spray up
    • filament winding
    • thermoforming of termoplastics for dual laminate products
    • vacuum infusion
    • RTM

    Quality and durablity are our guide in everything we do.

      Business and environmental policy of the company

      Technol, Portorož d.o.o. is a company that deals with engineering, development, production and sales of products, especially products from FRP and composites for various uses.

      Our goal is to become a manufacturer that will be recognized for quality and reliable products and for efficient solutions in the engineering phase. In the production program, we introduce innovative products that will be manufactured using high-tech equipment and processes using advanced and environmentally cceptable materials in the field of composites.

      The business policy is based on meeting the requirements of our customers for quality products and services. In order to be able to offer an ever-increasing level of products and services at competitive prices, we have committed ourselves to developing and implementing a quality management system, environmental management, and occupational safety and health.

      Quality system

      Quality policy and environmental management are conducted on the basis of:

      • continuous development and improvement of products and technological processes. The constant development is achieved by setting measurable targets in all key areas of operation,
      • monitoring and compliance with the legislative requirements and standards related to our business and products,
      • encouraging all employees to actively participate in all areas of work, ensuring the efficient transfer of knowledge among employees,
      • advising buyers on the most optimal solutions,
      • training employees for quality work, responsible behavior towards the environment and safe and healthy work,
      • in the area of the environment, a continuous reduction of the environmental impact. The key areas in this regard are: the selection of the least hazardous materials, the prevention of waste generation, the saving of all resources, and the management of processes in which emissions occur,
      • monitoring the development of environmentally friendly materials, equipment and technologies and their introduction into production,
      • proactive cooperation with the locals and other interested public.

      The fulfillment of these guidelines is a commitment of all employees, who by their actions contribute to the implementation of business and environmental policy.

      By leading our way, we will contribute to raising the business, technical, environmental and security culture of all employees.